Kettner & Ash - CODAworx

Kettner & Ash

Client: Sara Buss, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $350,000

Project Team

Media Display Design & Technology Platform

Josh VanBlankenship & Team

StandardVision, LLC

Design Consultant

Pat Buchanan

2D3D Solutions, Ltd

Design Team

Divco West Real Estate Services, LLC


Gensler San Diego, Inc.

General Contractor

Burger Construction, Inc.

Project Manager

Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

Generative Content Management Solution

Jeremiah Montoya & Team

SVRunner by StandardVision, LLC

Digital Artwork Concept & Production

Isaiah Montoya & Team

StandardVision, LLC


A Monolithic Art Installation Celebrating San Diego’s Cultural History. StandardVision was engaged by clients Cushman & Wakefield and DivcoWest to create a monolithic digital art installation for the newly-renovated Kettner & Ash office development in the heart of San Diego’s historic Little Italy district. Along with a design-build solution of the 5 story high LED video wall, StandardVision produced custom artwork that captures the spirit of the development while paying homage to its iconic location.


With the goal of integrating the installation to the building’s uniquely vertical atrium wall, StandardVision’s StandardVision’s design & engineering team collaborated with architect Gensler San Diego and general contractor Burger Construction, project manager Cushman & Wakefield, and designers DivcoWest to transform the narrow facade into a modern, larger-than-life LED lobby display amenity.

In order to achieve the unique monolithic shape desired by the client, StandardVision’s power-efficient LED matrix tile solutions were closely coordinated with building electrical, and mounted onto existing structural members to minimize new infrastructure costs, while matching the revamped architectural design.

StandardVision implemented it’s proprietary, state-of-the-art content management system SVRunner to easily monitor and update the artwork. The software also facilitates dynamic transitions between creatives, generating unexpected juxtapositions through a permutation algorithm. The result evokes seemingly endless variations and unique viewing experiences with each visit.


The custom artwork titled Fragments in Time envisions a series of interwoven vignettes that celebrate Italian nostalgia alongside contemporary culture unique to San Diego. To facilitate this vision, StandardVision created a hybrid approach that marries photo collage with animation and real-time transitions. The resulting artwork features endless permutations of cultural epochs through time that speak to San Diego’s rich history.

Additional Information

The Kettner & Ash installation is an evocative digital tapestry that celebrates the cultural history of Little Italy while supporting the experiential design and brand identity developed by StandardVision’s client DivcoWest. Visible from both the space’s interior as well as the street level, the iconic screen can be enjoyed by tenants and pedestrians alike, becoming a new modern monument within San Diego’s famed historic district.