Kaiser Permanente Beaverton Medical Center - CODAworx

Kaiser Permanente Beaverton Medical Center

Submitted by Janelle Baglien

Client: Kaiser Permanente

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $275,000

Project Team


Janelle Elaine baglien

Janelle Baglien ARtist


Jimmy Macias


Art Consult

Janelle Baglien

Studio Art Direct


Artist Janelle Baglien created all the custom artworks for this cutting edge medical center. With nature as her muse, Baglien spanned several mediums to create a cohesive and Award Winning art program designed to heal. Included were (11) 9′ H x 20′ W hand-painted watercolor, bioliphic, scenic non-repeating, custom wallcoverings , 40’0″ H aluminum and steel exterior sculpture called “Wishing You Well,” and a 40’0″ H interior acrylic beaded sculpture called the Falling Rainwall. Baglien also served as the art consultant on the project with her firm Studio Art Direct and selected, curated, produced and installed the remaining 90 works of art by regional artists in the project.


Our goal was to reduce heart rates, lower blood pressure, and spark joy for patients, staff and visitors. The artwork is tightly integrated into the building architecture and interior finishes. Early integration of art consulting and design during architectural SD phase was key to the success.


Baglien worked in very close collaboration with HMC Architects (LA), PKA Architects (Oregon) and the Kaiser Permanente corporate and regional design teams. Other collaborations included project structural designer, lighting designer, and landscape architect. The result is a fully integrated art program that is soothing and joyful at the same time.