Juno’s Beach - CODAworx

Juno’s Beach

Submitted by Nedret Andre

Client: Private Home

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $8,000

Project Team


Gisselle Rivers



Nedret Andre

Nedret Andre


Juno's Beach was a commission that combined two previous paintings. I made smaller studies to fit the dimension of the custom canvas. Clients picked parts of what they liked during mid way meeting and we had several checkins as the painting developed.


This was a custom piece for the clients main wall as you walk into their home. Its the main wall. So pretty important space. I had meetings in their home to pull elements such as their plants and furnishings into the painting.


Very fun with open dialogue.

Additional Information

Had a great time with clients ability to trust my instincts with the completely new composition. Listening to what they had to say and bringing drips and colors they loved was important.