June Morning Light - CODAworx

June Morning Light

Submitted by Meg Black

Client: Meg Black Studio

Location: Topsfield, MA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Meg Black

Meg Black Studio


Gary Tardiff

Culinary Photo


“Its our favorite place to walk,” the collector of this painting told me yesterday when I arrived with Gary Tardiff to photograph it in its new space. “My daughters and I refer to it as the best of Topsfield she added. Now we can enjoy this beautiful place all year long.”

I spent many months working on this abaca pulp painting of a classic New England stone-wall lined country road that is well loved by walkers, bike riders, and strollers of all ages-the four wheeled kind as well as the two legged version.

The handmade paper medium allows for the textures and colors of nature to be re-created I all their glory. This is why I work with this medium, it mimics the textures and nuances of nature well beyond the limits of commercially manufactured painting media.


This is a stunning custom designed private home that features a granite fireplace using locally sourced granite. The fireplace was built with the intention of to housing a commissioned painting of a local scene. The collectors love the natural beauty of this landscape, and are just thrilled to be able to visit their special place every day of the year.


Commissioned by private collectors for their home. We communicated consistently throughout the production of this project. We went for walks on the road that is the subject of the painting to share what about it delighted us most and how best to re-create those features in the final work.

Additional Information

I just love how the painting fits into this space over the fireplace and announces itself to everyone who enters the space. The colors are so spectacular-blues, periwinkles, oranges, lime green that compliment the blue and white porcelain theme running through the space.