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Izobrulo Polylight ChameleTuna

Submitted by ilya sobol

Client: Ville de Geneve / Geneva Lux Festival

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Julien Pavillard

Ville de Geneve


ilya sobol



Human uniqueness oriented interactive installation that reveals society diversity and freedom with the light. The idea based on combination of two creatures Tuna fish and Chameleon via two different dimensions: Tuna through the shape and Chameleon through the color change behaviour that is driven by the audience’s clothing color. For example, if an interacting person wearing a red jacket, ChameleTuna will detect that and will change to red, the next person will change ChameleTuna to it’s outfit color and etc… As fast people swap, as more colors present, overlap each other, but without hiding.
Finally we got Tuna fish shape that behaves as Chameleon that adapts to the surrounding environment created by the audience’s outfit color. As a result we get a very interesting situation, as the ChameleTuna is the same showing the natural diversity of the people and at the same time constantly changes driving by the same population diversity factor. From our point of view, this is very important work in terms of attention to people’s uniqueness, identity, beauty. We’ll be glad to celebrate people’s decision freedom.




This is our most complicated addresable led tubes design. This Tuna fish is 6 meters length and 2 meters height. It consists of 55 individual shape joints and 93 different length adressable LED tubes. Entire fabrication process took us two weeks. Those two weeks was spent to 24/7 3D printing of joints and in the same time around a week we spent to fabricate led tubes. During fabrication we made two test assemblys, fist one was just with empty tubes and joints, second test assembly was after led strips was implemented in to the tubes.