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Isono and Vasco Restaurant

Submitted by Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc.

Client: Isono and Vasco

Location: Hong Kong, China

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Industry Resource

Cecelia Louie

Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc.

Industry Resource

Barry Allan

Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc.


Showcasing Isono and Vasco Restaurant – Hong Kong
Interior designer, Joyce Wang, has elevated fine dining to another level – in fact, to another dimension. When guests enter the lower floor, they are greeted with Isono’s cinematic décor, then access to Vasco on the upper floor.


Joyce Wang’s layering of radiating globes of light with metal and stone finishes is handled with great finesse. She deftly weaves our Convex Squares to be enjoyed by diners both above and below. Lighting viewed seen behind our glass is distorted, providing privacy without sacrificing illumination or diminishing the space. Both Spanish restaurants evoke a retro-futuristic space, providing a feast for the eyes before one even starts to dine.


The collaboration between designer and our Studio = a unique collaboration between science and design.

Additional Information

Project Details • Series: Convex Squares • Glass: Clear • Client: Isono and Vasco, Hong Kong • Designer: Joyce Wang • Installer: Multiplex Construction • Dimensions: 10 panels, various sizes up to 78" x 97" 10mm • Photographer: Edmon Leong Our Motto: Revolutionary Glass for Revolutionary Projects!