Irene - CODAworx



Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team

Artist and Fabrication

Eric Stein

Eric Stein Studio

Studio Assistant

Josh Holocher

Eric Stein Studio


Irene was designed to express balance and even more importantly, a sense of strength and determination. It is titled after my mother, Irene, who was a tower of strength and encouragement for me. Having strong ties personally to Chicago I fabricated this piece to be exhibited in Chicago. The sculpture is fabricated steel and structural steel parts along with cast concrete.


Having lived and grown in my career in Chicago I wanted this sculpture to portray a feeling of balance yet not 100%. A strength that pushed limits and never stopped. Although not commissioned for Chicago, I presented this sculpture at the Chicago Sculpture Exhibition in 2019 and it is now at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.


Irene was submitted and exhibited at the Chicago Sculpture Exhibition in 2019. Working with the show director and crane services the piece was placed and exhibited for one year before being moved to it's present location at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.