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Intersecting Energy

Submitted by Stingray Studios, Inc.

Client: The Pizzuti Companies

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Dion Johnson

production + installation



Dion Johnson collaborated with stingray to bring his creation to life on the exterior of the West Russell Street garage belonging to The Pizzuti Companies. Dion created the mural specifically for the wall space and worked with the stingray team to get it produced and installed to his, and The Pizzuti Companies, expectations from a set of specifications developed throughout the course of the collaboration.

The finished piece was 41’w x 8’h and completed using a combination of digitally printed exterior graphic vinyl and digitally printed ACM panels fabricated into 3-Dimensional panels used to cover large exhaust vents which existed within the wall surface.

The mural transforms from 2-Dimensional to 3-Dimensional, and from a matte finish to a gloss finish as it is viewed from left to right.


stingray's goals on this project were the same as they are on every project; to honor the artist's creative intentions and to produce a finished project that both serves the artwork individually and the artist's body of work as a whole.

The specific goal of this project was to produce Dion's mural on the wall surface in a way that enhanced both the work and the wall. One of the key elements to the success of the project was finding a solution for applying the graphics to the louvered exhaust vents.


stingray was commissioned by The Pizzuti Companies to bring Dion Johnson's mural to life on the side of the company building on West Russell Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Our first step was to connect with Dion to learn about his artwork and his process, and to discuss stingray's methodology and processes with him. Dion had to be comfortable with and confident in us or there was no chance of success.

We had several collaborative working sessions where materials & processes were discussed and reviewed. Once the production specifications were agreed on test prints were produced so Dion could personally select the materials and finishes, and approve colors. Upon receiving final approvals from Dion, stingray assembled a production team comprised on a project manager, a print production house, a metal fabricator and two different installation teams.

The total project time from start to completion was nine months.

Additional Information

"This mural reflects the vibrancy and joy of the Short North and Arts District. Drawing from the lively activity of High Street and the changing seasons visible in Goodale Park, Intersecting Energy translates time, movement, and emotion into layers of colors that progress across the wall. Slender shapes and colors seem to suddenly appear and quietly dissolve as they slip behind and peek out from the five prominent rectangles. The geometry of these rectangles alludes to imaginary building facades built color and light, while gradient transitions of color imply the sky and the landscape at different times of day." - Dion Johnson