International Monetary Fund Atrium Centerpiece - CODAworx

International Monetary Fund Atrium Centerpiece

Client: AVI-SPL, International Monetary Fund

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

AV Integrator


Creative Content

Moment Factory

LED Display Manufacturer

SNA Displays


SNA Displays collaborated with audio-video technology specialist AVI-SPL to manufacture and install a BOLD™ Interior LED display for the International Monetary Fund’s atrium at 700 19th Street.

The direct-view LED has a 2.5 mm pixel pitch. It is 31′ tall at its highest point and 68’3″ long. This gives the display 17.7 million total pixels over 1,189 square feet of LED canvas.


The digital display serves as an artistic centerpiece. It features artistic, mood-setting creative content from Moment Factory and is mounted on one end of the atrium at floor level, letting viewers experience it up close and personal or from one of the many office windows facing into the interior courtyard. The atrium itself is a wide floor space with a glass ceiling, allowing for plenty of natural light.

Additional Information

The top of the display extends above the rectangular steel frame to which it is mounted flush. The frame is finished with perforated metal cladding.