Intergenerational Collaboration with the Barrie School, University of Maryland, and Wintergrowth

Submitted by Maryanne Pollock


Client: University of Maryland and Barrie School

Location: Silver Spring, MD, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Maryanne Pollock


Sunny Gough

Barrie School


Acrylic on canvas and serigraphy on canvas. 4×12 ft each. A tent-like awning printed from the original art which was produced in workshops.


The goal was to build awareness of global refugeeism, not just from war, famine, and poverty, but also climate change. The participants were asked to consider: How do we define a sense of refuge? Can we create a sense of unity in art, a commonwealth, that translates from visual art to society? How can art collaboration help strengthen our civil society?


This was an intergenerational project completed with a university, a school, and an eldercare facility. The project culminated with a picnic with solar cooking and printmaking demonstrations and celebration of the public art installation.

Additional Information

We also printed market bags in order to fundraise for refugee students.