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Hope Rises

Submitted by Jane Zamost

Client: Capital Health - Hopewell

Location: Pennington, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Jane Zamost

Jane Zamost


Healing Arts Committee

Capital Health - Hopewell


“Hope Rises” comes from the desire to give patients receiving treatment in the Infusion Room at Capital Health – Hopewell a vision of hope during their outpatient stay at the hospital. The piece includes the colors that instill optimism and provides a sense of nature which studies agree evoke calm and relaxation.


The Infusion Room has a beautiful wall of windows. Unfortunately, these windows are behind the patients' chairs. Although a pleasant room, patients undergoing treatment (often for hours in duration) had no nature to look at nor pleasant artwork to see. The hope of this project team, myself and the Director of Oncology Services, was to change patients' views. Due to my own experiences with loved ones in rooms very similar to the one at Capital Health - Hopewell, this project became both a personal and professional mission.


My primary contact at the hospital for this program was the Director of Oncology Services who shared my vision. The Director, in turn, received approval from various administrators of the hospital. In tandem, the Healing Arts Committee also granted approval on this art for inclusion in the Infusion Room at Capital Health - Hopewell.

Additional Information

"Hope Rises" emerged from conversations with loved ones, while they were undergoing treatment for cancer. My desire was to create a piece that inspired positivity through color, movement and expressions so that no patients undergoing treatment at Capital Health's infusion room would have to stare at a blank wall.