InfoNoise - CODAworx


Client: Google LLC

Location: Berkeley, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $265,000

Project Team

Concept, Design, Forging, music and light scores and composition.,

Po Shu Wang

Living Lenses DBA

Software and Electronics

Soren Knudsen

Vectra DK

Sculpture Finishing and Installation.

Nike Czuba

MC Architectural.

Site area details

Wen Li

Urban Design and landscape Architecture.


Client’s corporate (Google) missioned statement ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,’ had immediately evoked my response with John Wheeler’s statement of ‘Everything is Information,’ where we too are just tiny bits in that ever-evolving Information Universe. And for our human needs, desires, and limits, an operational info-noise duality is necessary.

The result is this interactive artwork where visitors are presented with the constant Info-Noise border crossing opportunity through data visualization and sonification of the ambient Em statics in white lights-music, and not least our embedded observer selves bits entering to the continuous InfoNoise equation.


The artwork is created as a tangible platform of interactive aesthetic experience that can immediately trigger our compulsive deployment of the information-noise duality in order to make sense/meaning , the specie specific reflex that is evolutionarily conditioned, .


We first rendered the constant ambient EM statics that is its info-noise totality into a whitelight-muisc display that visitor approach will turn it on. Then ourselves as small packets interning with the ambient display in adding our colors lights and music on top it.
And letting the two play off each other as in lights and music.

Additional Information

True to our Living Lenses public art aim, we managed to first identify the host organization own mission goal as inspiration and propelled us to step out of info-noise duality, and created a artwork that allow viewers to experience the constant crossing in stepping out of the info-noise duality inertial frame into the next nested frame of everything is information. All in a fun and game experience through the artwork.