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Embracing Our Differences

Client: Blessing Hancock

Location: Sarasota, FL, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $72,000

Project Team


Blessing Hancock

Skyrim Studios

Industry Resource

Mark Sabatino

Gizmo Art Production Inc.


“The piece resembles an infinity symbol and shines with the rainbow colors of the Embracing Our Differences logo, a local non-profit best known for its annual outdoor art exhibit and educational initiatives celebrating diversity.” The stainless steel, 20-foot-tall, the site-specific sculpture is located in the center of the roundabout in downtown Sarasota. The piece also incorporates LED lighting and acrylic panels.


To create a sculpture that was a city centerpiece and enjoyed by visitors and locals.


The artist, Blessing Hancock, created the concept and design and she passed her aspirations along to Gizmo Art Production who fabricated and installed the sculpture. Working with artists in this capacity and through the process has become a usual day for Gizmo.

Additional Information

Gizmo Art Production has been building and installing Blessing Hancock's pieces all over the country.