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infinite flow

Submitted by Chin Hsiang Hu


Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Hu Chin Hsiang

Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc.

3D Animation

Fu Yu Chi



Han Cheng Yeh


Project Manager

Lin Ying Li

Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc.


“Infinite Flow” is a unique and innovative audiovisual performance installation that presents imaginative visual effects through seven LED fans set up on a river. These seven fans are cleverly designed to look like images displayed through seven circular masks, using the principle of persistence of vision to reveal the imagery. This display method uniquely creates images that can only be seen by the naked eye, these images do not actually exist in real-time.

By array arrangement, “Unending Lightscapes” transforms images into three dimensions, providing an immersive viewing experience. The emergence of this kind of installation highlights the increasingly blurred boundary between virtual and real. The real world can now be simulated through virtual means, while the real world is also gradually being virtualized.

The imagery includes elements related to water and tigers, as well as cityscapes composed of points, lines, and surfaces. These elements are combined to form a unique visual image, bringing a sense of imagination and creativity to the audience.


"Infinite Flow" is not only a showcase of technological innovation but also an experiment in artistic creation. It combines modern technology with art to create a new visual expression, allowing people to appreciate audiovisual art from a fresh perspective.