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Infinite Crescendos

Submitted by Cie Hoover


Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Cie Hoover

Cie Creative Co.


BNA’s Arts at the Airport

Nashville International Airport


Bonnaroo Music Festival

Bonnaroo Works Fund


A suspended installation at the Nashville International Airport / a year-long installation in conjunction with the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. If you find yourself passing through BNA in the coming year be sure and stop and see it in Concourse B near gate B4. “Infinite Crescendos”, is a playful suspended pairing of the Bonnaroo infinity logo and my “Crescendo” sculpture series. Three spirals cascading from the skylight are positioned to create a triangle of three circles when looking at it from the base. The installation creates a dimensional, seemingly kinetic, seemingly radiating, version of the Bonnaroo infinity logo that contains vibrant colors on the outer rings, and natural wooden tones leading towards each center. “Infinite Crescendos” is intended to not only gives a sense of the Bonnaroo mantras of radiating positivity and compassion out into the world, but also conveys a sense that the best is yet to come…that Bonnaroo and its mission is a constant, ever progressing force.


The goal of this project was to create a suspended installation inspired by the principles of the Bonnaroovian Code. The public artwork needed to communicate the Bonnaroo brand to new and familiar audiences through incorporation of the following project elements:

· Creative incorporation of iconic Bonnaroo festival elements. (In the instance of this installation the Bonnoaroo infinity logo was incorporated.)

· Bonnaroo's focus on “Recycling, Sustainability and Global Consciousness”. (In this instance Accoya wood was utilized, a sustainable, highly durable wood product.).

· Bonnaroovian Code: Prepare Thy Self, Play as a Team, Radiate Positivity, Respect The Farm, Don’t be that Guy/Gal, and Stay True Roo. (In this instance the dimensional / seemingly kinetic aspects were intended to give a sense of "radiating" positivity out into the world.)

· Incorporation of the Bonnaroo mantra “Radiate Positivity” or the Bonnaroo Works Fund mantra “Radiate Compassion”. (Again, in this instance the colors and seeming kinetic motion of the sculpture were intended to capture a sense of radiating positivity out into the world).


This call for art offered me the chance to go straight to the proposal phase. For this I created several renderings of my concept utilizing Sketchup and dimensions provided by the airport. Sketchup was, and continues to be, an invaluable tool to not only create concepts such as this, but to also know how much material (wood) the project would entail. Once selected for the installation I began the build utilizing my home workshop and rigging space. Upon completion, the sculpture was installed with the aid of the team from Art Up Nashville.

Additional Information

From having graduated from Nashville’s Belmont University, to working in the music biz in PR, marketing, and as a Global Event Manager for Gibson Guitar…to then touring nonstop for 6+ years with myself and my wife's band You Knew Me When… to then putting down roots in beautiful Ouray, Colorado…to finding my voice in the visual arts...This installation represents a special full circle encapsulation of my artistic journey.