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Inalfa Roofing Systems NA Technical Center

Submitted by Dwane Adle

Client: Inalfa Roofing Systems

Location: Auburn Hills, MI, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Interior Designer

Dwane Adle

Comprehensive Design Group, Inc


Erik Nordin

Detroit Design Center


The design concept for the Technology Center explores solutions that inspire interaction. The use of lower panels at workstations, shared work surfaces, and integrated interaction team spaces encourage employees to gather and discuss ideas. The work environment encourages team building while also giving employees the resources needed for individual work. As engineers it was important to have a collaborative environment.


Art and sculpture are used as integrated design elements to not only organize the space but inspire creativity. These become important key elements within the spaces creating organization and custom art throughout the design.
Integrated design elements were derived from the building grid. These design elements were utilized as art and help to break up the volume of the space while keeping the open feel of the environment. In addition, Lower workstation panels were used to give a TEAM feel to the space while maintaining individual work stations. The workstations are clustered in work teams to create interaction amongst co-workers.

The design reflects an effort to provide the space and amenities to meet employee needs while for employees and give a creative interactive place to work.


The local artist was the Detroit Design Center. Comprehensive Design Group's designer and the artists worked closely together to provide options to the client while creating active art elements that reflected the clients business in concept. The waves represent the assembly line for automobile sunroofs, the clients business..

Additional Information

This was an amazing project that incorporated art into the design. The Detroit Design Center was able to provide an amazing piece that was actually less expensive than a traditional architectural wave ceiling.