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In The Middle MH

Submitted by Antaless Visual Design


Location: Cincinnati, OH, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

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Antaless Visual Design

Antaless Visual Design


Alessio Cassaro

Antaless Visual Design


Reality or Illusion?
Control or Randomness?
The answer is in the middle.

At the base of every creative design, the artist finds himself having to decide which path to take for the realization of his work.
What if a choice is not necessary?

What if the most fruitful way for the artist were to be found right in the middle of these parallel roads, if reality and control could instead intersect with illusion and chance?
This is what happens in dreams, where logical and surreal meet and “collide” continuously, showing us that one or more dimensions can exist and coexist.
On the architectural surface, visual art takes space from another space, employs materials, gives them shape and size, but does not build something tangible.
The goal is to demonstrate how the artist can be completely at the service of architecture and how this can suggest to him the composition of a work that is born in a completely casual but, at the same time, controlled way.

Through the use of lights and shadows, the expansion of time and space, the multiplication of objects, the application of physical/mathematical laws, the project appears as a continuous succession of ideas that pursue the logic of reasoning and at the same time the logic of the imagination.


Enhance the monument through the contemporary art of video mapping.


The Blink Festival called us to showcase our approach to visual art on one of their Ohio landmarks.

Additional Information

To see the video in 4k quality you can visit our official channels "Antaless Visual Design"