Submitted by Paul Marioni

Client: Drema Chavez, Art Commission

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Paul Marioni


Texas Public Art Commission


Glass based terrazzo, 18ft. X 40ft. Commissioned for LOVE FIELD (Airport), Dallas, Texas by the Public Art Commission this recycled glass terrazzo floor in the entryway to the airport reminds us of flight unencumbered by an airplane with the images of thirty native Texas birds. 100% recycled glass.


My primary concern is making an artwork that the people who use the facility can relate to, addresses the architecture, and is successful in its execution. I see each public art project as an opportunity to remind the community of our humanity and creativity. I look for a fundamental concept in order to include as large a percentage of the public as possible, while creating a warm, welcoming environment and an enduring experiential delight.


The submitted slides show examples of a completed project, each one being site specific to welcome the public in these spaces. Public art projects are an opportunity to express our commitment to a civil society and our planetary future. Many of my projects are narrative and have the intent of informing the public without telling them what to think. This project exists merely for the sake of beauty and creating a welcoming environment.