Impulsion - CODAworx

Client: Scottsdale Public Arts

Location: Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $395,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Greg Brockman

Magnum Companies


Jeff Zischke

Zischke Group


23’ tall 40’ long x 11’ wide on a 4’ tall concrete plinth. Made of 830 pieces of 1.5” square stainless steel tubing with welded end caps. Weight approximately 10,000 pounds. Artist Jeff Zischke contracted with Magnum Companies on this new signature sculpture for Westworld in North Scottsdale. Jeff designed the lighting layout and the programming which is set to change nightly.


Zischke stated in his proposal that “at the most fundamental level, my intention is to create a site-specific work that is unique, educational, and interactive – to create a catalyst for an experience that tells visitors that Scottsdale is a place on the move, with all the propulsion, the power of the large, elegant horse they are looking up at.”


This is a true team effort, as every Magnum employee is contributing to the successful design, fabrication and installation of Jeff‘s artwork.

Additional Information

Westworld has many events. Events include one of the largest Arabian horse shows in the world and The Barrett Jackson collector car auction and many other events …