Immortality Morality & Glory Slowly - CODAworx

Immortality Morality & Glory Slowly


Location: Chiba, Japan

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

UAP | Urban Art Projects

Tomokazu Matsuyama

Matsuyama Studio


The never ending cycle of life and death are two contrasting concepts in which interact. The three ovals on each sculpture represent the circle of life, expressed with traditional mid-century Victorian patterns, and the iconic Chinese dragon symbolling property and triumph. In Immortality Morality and Glory Slowly, Matsuyama presents the raw human desire for success.

The fluid steel pipes featured within the works were hand-bent to directly match Matsuyama’s handcrafted model. The intricate details of the mesh pattern were created using incredibly delicate steel less than 1.5mm thick.


The fluid steel pipes needed to be hand-bent in order to effectively match that of the original handcrafted model. Therefore our welding and fabrication techniques were honed to accomplish this goal.
UAP also needed to assist in design aspects of digital model and rendering material and construction methods, as well as providing installation methodology.


As this was UAP's third collaboration with the artist, the relationship was already well established. The most complex construct in which had to be well thought out was the handmade build and shape of the fluid steel pipes. Therefore, technical drawings were utilised and construction and installation methodology was heavily processed.