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Imagine – Eccles Theater Mural

Client: Salt Lake City Arts Council and Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $16,000

Project Team


Traci O'Very Covey

Traci O'Very Covey LLC

Public Art Program Manager

Dana Hernandez

Salt Lake City Public Art Program


The visual elements in the mural are evocative of theater, restaurants, a festive atmosphere and gathering place of diverse people. The central focus of the art is of a theatrical performer in the spotlight flanked by nighttime and daytime bordered by the open stage curtains. The nighttime side shows restaurant food items and a fork piercing a tomato whose star-shaped leaves mimic the rising stars that not only portray the night sky but also suggest “star performers.” The two figures on the left symbolize community or audience members with hands clapping in applause and/or the dramatic hands of a performer. A performer’s horn blasts a rainbow of color alive with creative energy. On the daytime side, a singer’s melody is transformed into a bird as a song takes flight. A waiter rushes to serve and offers a flower which symbolizes a gift of beauty.


The George S. And Dolores Doré Eccles Theater is a premier entertainment venue and a contemporary landmark in Salt Lake City. The theater serves as an anchor for the vibrant Arts and Culture District with the surrounding areas meant to host additional art experiences. The East Side of the building opens up to McCarthy Plaza, a space designed to host smaller events and festivals. The City commissioned Traci to create a mural to activate the plaza and Traci created a mural to engage the viewer with color, beauty, and imagination.
Located on the large loading dock door on the south side of the Eccles Theater, Traci O’Very Covey’s mural joyfully asks the viewer to envision all of the possible art, dance, theater, and musical performances occurring within the walls of the structure.


Traci sought inspiration from the concerts, performances, and artists she imagined taking the stage of the Eccles Theater and nearby restaurants. After creating a digital mock-up, she worked with a fabricator to print her 14 x 42 foot mural in vinyl.