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Imaginary Cloud

Submitted by Maja Godlewska

Client: Beatties Ford Road Branch Library

Location: Charlotte, NC, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team


Maja Godlewska

Gantt-Hubermann Architects


Maja Godlewska

Gantt-Hubermann Architects


Maja Godlewska


The work created for the Beatties Ford Road Branch Library in Charlotte, NC consists of three Imaginary Clouds suspended in three skylights. Featured element is approx. 10’ diameter, 10’ high and is installed in a round oculus. Clouds are made of a monofilament mesh, printed with a heat transfer technique and installed on an aluminum armature.


The library was undergoing a redesign and renovation process provided by Gantt-Hubermann architectural firm. I was commissioned to create an artwork in result of the local Arts and Science Council competition. The idea was to address existing skylights, unaffected by the renovation and to produce work that would be conceptually appropriate in the library. I was made aware of the planned color scheme for the new interior and had a chance to inspect the highlights before designing Clouds.


Beatties Ford Road Library plays an important role in its neighborhood, beyond being a place to loan a book. Community meetings are held there, many people use the computers, kids come to play and explore. I met twice with the members of the local community, first to present my existing work, listen to ideas, expectations and suggestions, a second time - to share initial drawings and designs. I also met with the interior designer and the architects to discuss the placement and the character of my work.

Additional Information

I think of clouds as a phenomenon associated with daydreaming, imagination and a sense of freedom and exploration. They make us want to travel, go where they go, to the invisible places beyond the horizon. Imagination is perhaps the most defining and liberating quality of a human being; a quality that we take for granted as children but have to be reminded of as adults. The library is a place where the imagination is cultivated, discoveries are made, and where we gain access to the world larger than our immediate environment.