Ignis Aqua (Fire Wave) - CODAworx

Ignis Aqua (Fire Wave)

Client: Neal Milch

Location: Lida Beach, NY, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Artistic concept, design

Kate Raudenbush

Kate raudenbush LLC

design, fabrication, engineering


UAP Company

Fire arts design and fabrication

Ryon Gesink

Ryon Gesink

Lighting Design

Guy Smith

Guy Smith Productions

engineering assessment

Werner Sobeck

Werner Sobeck new york


A tidal wave holds a ceiling of fire. An articulated wave form in laser-cut 316 stainless steel hovers as if about to crash into a pool. Live fire effects in the form of a propane fire cloud ceiling heats the guests below, while hypnotic custom light sequences animate the wave.


This was the fever dream of a fantastic art collector: "could you make me a sculpture that contains a live propane fire effects ceiling that arcs out of my deck and creates a shelter, so i can sit outside in winter by the pool, and not get cold?" YES. I said; not knowing exactly how, but never one to turn down a good creative dare. This is what creative teams are made for. So the journey to build "Ignis Aqua" (Latin for "Fire Wave") was born.


The first part of the process was the insane idea of a giant wave made of engineered laser-cut steel and light, holding a live fire cloud suspended upside down and appearing to crash into a pool..... The next was getting a team together to believe in this crazy idea and build it during the pandemic.

This creative idea was made by artist Kate Raudenbush (New York City) with the incredible fire prototyping of artist Ryon Gesink in Oakland CA, and the design and extensive fabrication team at UAP (Urban Art Projects) in the foundry of Rock Tavern NY. which also included a custom internal HVAC system for the heat and smoke. Engineering was completed by Werner Sobek. Interior Lighting design and sequencing was created by Guy Smith Productions (NY)

Additional Information

The relationship of Sculptor to the Client and the Fire Artist was born on the creative playground of Burning Man. The relationship of Artist to UAP Fabrication team was born from the creative playground of CODAworx connections.