"Icaria"; ProMedica Wildwood Medical Spa - CODAworx

“Icaria”; ProMedica Wildwood Medical Spa

Client: ProMedica

Location: Toledo, OH, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $34,600

Project Team

Construction Project Management

Brian McNulty


Enviromental Designer

Valerie Thompson



This 9’2″ x 10’10” wall mural is made of stained glass, mirror and mosaic elements.


The Stakeholders of this project, named the Medical Spa after Icaria Island in Greece. I was asked to create a wall mural that would make the observer be inspired by water images and help give a sense of peacefulness and healing. It was determined that stained glass and mirror would be used to provide reflection and sparkle.


I provided 10 water-inspired designs for the Stakeholders to choose from. They met together and got back with me to let me know they were very pleased with all designs and asked me to choose and create my favorite. This trust allowed me to originate the mural in artistic freedom and to make changes, if needed, throughout the process. I appreciated the trust they placed in me and my work. The project came to life, bringing nature and healing together for this Spa that focuses on healing, beauty and peacefulness.