IBM Watson San Francisco - CODAworx

IBM Watson San Francisco

Submitted by Synthesis Design + Architecture

Client: IBM Watson

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $350,000

Project Team


Alvin Huang

SDA | Synthesis Design + Architecture


The project seeks for a digitally-fabricated physical installation that illustrates monthly spending cycles by mapping the growing influence of mobile devices on all digital sales from 2013-2015.


The project goals are to merge the territories of “data spatialization” and “data narrative” by using the cognitive computing capabilities of IBM Watson to inform a data-driven generative design processes.


The designer and consultants working simultaneously on how to obtain an abstract representation of Big Data that offers a uniquely spatial marketing narrative, as well as a dynamic architectural feature.

Additional Information

Data Moiré: is a large-scale feature wall designed was materialized as a CNC milled, double layered aluminum, back-lit screen wall, producing a moire like effect through abstract visual interference patterns generated by the overlaying of two mappings of the same data set.