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Boutique Hotel Spaces- Fiber Art Linen Paintings Ambiance

Submitted by Dorothy Fagan

Client: Hotel Suppliers

Location: Washington , DC, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

Dorothy Fagan

Clea Massiani

Jarman Fagalde


The project proposes a series of fiber art paintings to display in hotel lobbies and rooms in branded boutique hotels in Washington D.C., in order to create a unique environment, tied to the natural, floral and colorful patterns of D. Fagan’s work. The fiber pieces convey a warmth and cozy feel for the travelers in need of serenity. The vibrant tones and shines of the fabric used in those composition bring a punch to the viewers eyes.


Our goal is to create interactive and transformative environments for hotel lobbies.
The linen paintings create a unique energy for a cozy space that translates into peacefulness and rest of the mind for hotel clients.


The project evolves around the artist hand and her affection for surfaces. Trained as a printmaker, D Fagan understand flatness through the process of applying layers and colors. This process is transferable to different media and her fiber pieces are the result of it. Commissioned by the boutique hotels, the collaboration includes collectively selecting palettes and main textiles to accomplish the work.