Hospital Project - CODAworx

Hospital Project

Submitted by Tommy Moss


Location: Mansfield, TX, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Art Consultant

Rebecca Bayer

Skyline Art Services


Tommy Moss


This assemblage is composed of (24) wooden ½ in. circles ranging in size from 14 in. to 20 in. in diameter. The overall measurement was approximately 32 ft. wide x 10 ft. high x 1.5 in deep. The panels were each divided up into dozens of concentric rings of highly chromatic, contrasting color. A thin, hi-gloss resin top coat was added to increase the depth of these colorful discs and add another dimension to this whimsical and vibrant, geometric collection.


The art consultant wanted to energize an expansive stone wall which traveled down a long stairway and continued onto the left and right side of a large doorway. She wanted a very colorful and sculptural piece that would brighten up this neutral space, and be impactful from distance for the patients and visitors coming and going thru these hospital doors. The panels were painted in a color palette of (40) shades of (5) different colors, with (2) distinctive color combinations per hue.


This work was selected by Skyline Art Services in Houston, TX. They provided me with the proposed layout and color palette direction and I submitted a digital mock up with the suggested layout of the colorized circles. I also
sent physical color samples to the art consultant to review. Once approvals were received, the work was shipped via UPS and arrived in Houston in 8 weeks.

Additional Information

The installation was handled by the art consultant. To ease the installation process, I provided detailed mounting instructions and supplied paper templates of each circle with drill hole locations.