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Horse Farm – Lounge/Billiard Room

Client: Private Horse Ranch

Location: Fairport, NY, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Design and fabrication

Nancy Gong

Gong Glass Works

Background on horses




Reaffirming love of life on the horse ranch with images of some of the client’s most memorable horse family with etched glass. The etched glass is located on hallway doors between the lounge / billiard room and kitchen.


Feature etched glass doors of equestrian ranch in hallway between the kitchen and lounge/ recreation room.


It all began by meeting the clients and their horse family and deciding who would be included in the design. After several photo sessions on the ranch with the horses the design work began.

Additional Information

A variety of etched textures including photographic etchings of the horses and hand chipped glass were utilized to create depth and dimension to the design.