Horse and Cart - CODAworx

Horse and Cart

Submitted by Nicholas Crombach

Client: City of Kingston

Location: Kingston, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Nicholas Crombach

Municipal Goverment

City of Kingston


Horse and Cart references the horse and buggy era in which Kingston’s Victoria Park was established. The sculpture takes the form of an old-fashioned, wooden children’s horse tricycle. The static representation of the toy rendered with a realistic gesture – the horses head swung to one side, mouth open, and two of it’s legs stepping off their axles. Produced at the scale of a life-size horse, the enlarged childrens’ toy appears as if coming to life, transforming from an inanimate object into a trotting horse that is pulling a cart. Conversely, the sculpture could also be read as a horse transforming into a toy – mirroring the history of Victoria Park itself, once a plot of farmland which was granted to the city of Kingston for the purpose of developing a park for recreational enjoyment, and leisure activities.


Shaped through research and discoveries of Williamsville’s history, Horse and Cart enlivens the areas past to engage the imagination of park visitors through it’s amusing and familiar imagery.