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Honkytonks & Horsepower: A Nashville Journey

Submitted by Michael Ray Nott


Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2025

Project Team


Michael Ray Nott

Michael Ray Nott

Vehicle wrap specialist

Chuck Drinkworth

Brand Imaging Group - BIG

Fiberglass Manufacture


Harwood Fiberglass


In Honkytonks & Horsepower: A Nashville Journey, the vibrant nightlife and car culture of Nashville come alive through the integration of photography and sculpture. The project captures iconic scenes of Nashville honky-tonks and everyday life in Music City USA, embracing the random incidents, neon signs, and buzzing social life that characterize this regional hub.

The artwork will employ digital photographs printed onto the hoods of classic American muscle cars such as the Firebird Trans Am, Camaro, Monte Carlo, and Mustang. The result is a visually striking series of fiberglass muscle car hoods, each hosting a unique image that encapsulates the spirit of Nashville.


The project is carefully designed to reflect the regional features and serve the specific architectural needs and character of BNA.


We will source fiberglass muscle car hoods from Harwood Fiberglass. The digital prints will be applied as vehicle wraps by Brand Imaging Group in Nashville. These hoods will be designed to mount flush against the wall, creating a dimensional installation that will captivate viewers and complement the existing Arts at the Airport public art collection.

Professional Qualifications: Our team has extensive experience in large-scale public art projects, especially those requiring expertise in photography and sculpture.

Quality and Creativity: Our portfolio showcases a variety of high-quality works that merge different artistic media and cultural elements

Experience with Similar Projects: We have successfully completed public art projects in hotels and large public venues such as Nashville SC, where the scale and complexity align with BNA’s needs.

Video of an immersive exhibition of large-scale LED lightboxes in gallery space. View video here:

Additional Information

Teams: We have successfully collaborated with architectural and engineering teams to meet the technical specifications of large-scale art installations. Public Art Philosophy: We believe public art should reflect the essence of its location, offering viewers both visual delight and a deeper understanding of their environment. Complementarity: The incorporation of iconic Nashville elements and the fusion of photography and sculpture make this project a fitting and enriching addition to BNA’s public art collection.