"Home" a love story told with projection mapping - CODAworx

“Home” a love story told with projection mapping


Location: Chatswood, Australia

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


George Berlin

George Berlin Studios


Donny Walker

Mind Exchange Music


George’s inspiration for this piece is profoundly personal, reaching deeply through romance to the foundation of family love that inspires and sustains it. This work pirouettes with progressive call and response through initial attraction, first tentative touch, tighter circling with increasing sparks, and eventual nestling as one. The characters, their courtship dance, and final embrace portray and evoke thrill, fulfillment, inspiration, and ultimate comfort.

The story is deeply layered and stunningly thought provoking. It arouses emotions of personal romantic adventures, and evokes that sense of FINDING YOURSELF at Home not only IN love, but THROUGH love. In this sense, Home is not a place, but a state of mind, spirit, and soul.


"Home" was created as part of 3 week celebration of light art in Chatswood NSW, to entice 80,000 locals to venture out for the first time after lengthy lockdowns.


Viewers are first caught up in the lush, custom commissioned score for "Home" by Mind Exchange Music, which is the basis for all the visual elements of the story. The main forces in this narrative are meant to connect universally with anyone, no matter where they're from or who they love.

The musical team and I (including married soloists on the lead instruments!) dove deep into our relationship with those we love and found the energy and excitement to express in the sounds and sites of this story.