Submitted by Pam Marlene Taylor

Client: The Banker's Alley Hotel, Hilton Tapestry Collection

Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Pam Marlene Taylor

Museum Manager

Anna McKeown

The Banker's Alley Hotel


I had the honor of receiving a commission for the Grand Opening of the Banker’s Alley Hotel and Museum in downtown Nashville. This remarkable establishment is part of the esteemed Hilton “Tapestry” Collection of Hotels. My task was to craft new artwork to grace the lobbies of both the hotel and the museum, an opportunity I embraced with enthusiasm, especially as it was formerly a Museum Hotel under different ownership where I used to work and curate.


The placement of this artwork is in a bustling, high-traffic area, positioned at a considerable height above the ground. It was of paramount importance that the installation process be straightforward and that the artwork itself remain lightweight. Given that this location in Nashville was directly affected by the Christmas bombing a few years ago, the objective was to ensure that the art exuded a sense of security and comfort for those passing beneath it. Because of these goals, each of these works is made of 1-2 inch light-weight foam rather than wood as much of my previous work.


In close collaboration with the Hilton Museum Manager, Anna McKeown, I dedicated my efforts to both the conceptualization and logistical planning for the artwork. A proposal was prepared by myself and was then presented to Hilton executives for their approval by Anna. Once the green light was given, I undertook the task of creating the artwork. Subsequently, I ensured its safe delivery and entrusted a skilled art handling crew employed by the museum to execute the installation instructions I provided for the project's successful realization.