Hillsboro Civic Center Grand Staircase - CODAworx

Hillsboro Civic Center Grand Staircase

Submitted by Waterjet Design

Client: City of Hillsboro

Location: Hillsboro, OR, United States

Completion date: 2005

Project Team


John Groth

Industry Resource

Waterjet Design

Waterjet Design


Fused glass waterjet cut into tessellated shapes and laminated to tempered glass. 56' x 3'.


The goal of the design was to use a tessellated pattern of glass to represent how the landscape of Hillsboro has been transformed into a sophisticated juxtaposition of high tech industry and rural countryside. This was integrated into the design by using a deliberate mathematical tessellation of thousands of individual waterjet glass shapes that underlay a soft flowing landscape.


John Groth was the sole artist & designer on this project.