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Healthcare Feature Wall

Client: Clovis Community Medical Center

Location: Clovis, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Anne Moran & Robert Brown

Moran Brown Studio


HMC Architects

Sr. Project Designer - Interiors

Krysia Lynch

HMC Architects


Moran Brown was commissioned to create a signature artwork for Clovis Community Medical Center’s new expansion. We created a 12′ high x 12′ wide x 3″depth wall sculpture for the hospital’s lobby.


The Architect Interior Design Team HMC Architects, created a focal wall at the main entrance for a special signature wall artwork to greet patients and visitors. The client desired a monumental statement piece to convey a tranquil, upscale aesthetic in their large open lobby. It was important for the work to evoke uplifting feelings of healing, hope and peace. The client specified the theme to be an abstract sunset and horizon.


Krysia Lynch, the interior designer for the project, being familiar with our work was drawn to the unique quality of the luminescent metal tiles, arranged in overlapping layers which create both a textural and reflective quality. Having shared several varied art medium solutions to the art committee for review, it was our soothing palette of blues, purples and gold depicting an abstract interpretation of a warm sunset over a horizontal landscape that was deemed the perfect solution. The budget allowed for the artwork to fill out much of the wall, creating a large presence at 12 feet high by 12 feet wide. We submitted several renderings of various designs fitting their criteria to fine-tune the final commission selection as well as small section mock up panel so that the commission vision was clear. A structure this large that needed to work within the specific safety guidelines of a California hospital was also an important aspect of this commission. The artwork is comprised of overlapping aluminum tiles on composite panels. An aluminum frame structure was created for ease of installation at the site, which was matched with intricately overlaid panels to create one seamless piece.