Healing Wind - CODAworx

Healing Wind

Submitted by Susan Brooks

Client: Parker Adventist Cancer Center

Location: Parker, CO, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $2,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Jude Keller

Healing Arts Program through Centura Health


Susan Brooks

Creation's Child


To create a healing atmosphere for cancer patients to experience. 4' x 7' Hand dyed fabrics. Hand and machine stitched


To create a healing atmosphere, of hope, for cancer patients patients to experience as they procede into treatment. The goal was to produce a large, blanket like, piece of art that people could feel wrapped in.


I met with the hospital staff and a group of woman from the volunteers of Hand Weavers, (many of whom were cancer survivors themselves) to go through an exercise of word and color association to the theme of "Cancer Survivor". The women discussed feelings of vulnerability, being emotionally frayed, yet optimistic with the hope of overcoming the disease. The fabric was dyed to be compatible with the hospital setting and to embody these feelings. I embarked on hand stitching the fabric together with raw edges. Before finalizing the piece was presented to the hospital staff and commissioning group for a discussion about meeting the goal of creating comfort and peace. Both fabric and nature have tremendous comforting power, while active colors and shapes, with the introduction of a small amount of red signifies the courage to win the struggle. "Healing Winds" now hangs in the hallway leading back to the radiation treatment room. When the door is closed, people can see the piece behind a window with a sign reading: "Caution - Radioactive Materials". Walking past the piece, I have encouraged patients to run their hands over it and continue fraying the edges.