Healing Hands - CODAworx

Healing Hands

Submitted by Ann Klefstad

Client: Lake Superior College

Location: Duluth, MN, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $32,000

Project Team


Ann Klefstad

Public Art Agent

Roger Wolff

Pegasus Group


Lake Superior College wanted art for the area of its new life sciences building in which therapists would be learning their professions. The site options were all in hallways; I chose to site the work at a T junction at the center of the area. I chose to highlight the role of human touch in healing; and used a water metaphor to show the transmission of healing power.


In this case, the sculpture was commissioned alone; it was important that it be integrated into the new building fabric. The initial idea was to commission one work; because of the strength of my concept for the therapeutic and nursing professions, the nursing professors argued for the inclusion of my work along with that of another artist who was chosen by the science faculty.


I worked primarily with the professors of nursing to develop the work; they made studio visits and spoke about the feeling that they wanted to the work to convey. I appreciated their passionate involvement with the project. Robert Wolff of Pegasus Group managed the project.

Additional Information

The project sits at a location where light from a clerestory window pours onto the bright bronze of the water in the late morning, and edges down the stream of water as the day progresses. The patina / lacquer combination is particularly felicitous for this work. I've heard, since the work was installed, from students who pass the piece often and who appreciate its warmth.