Harvard University Winthrop House & Standish Hall - CODAworx

Harvard University Winthrop House & Standish Hall

Client: Harvard University

Location: Cambridge, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team



Form & Reform

Lead fabricator

Jino Vasquez

Form & Reform


The Architect asked us to design 2 lights for the new wings of Winthrop House at Standish Hall. These lights need to reference the original fixtures from 1912 but be progressively more modern in the adjacent halls. This is our modernized twist to existing historic chandeliers at the Harvard Winthrop House, this chandelier boasts hand-forged firescale rings juxtaposed with bronze fittings to achieve a refined yet striking presence. We are currently working on the 3rd installation of these lights


These lights needed to reflex the old lighting fixtures in one wing and a modern fell in the Standish Hall cafe. We ended up with 2 designs to make this work and fell seamless.


I was given drawings and photos of the original fixtures and came up with a design that was approved. We were able to modernize the look and Integrate modern LED bulbs.