12 Hammersmith Grove - CODAworx

12 Hammersmith Grove

Submitted by Kate Maestri

Client: U I plc

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $320,000

Project Team


Kate Maestri


Flanagan Lawrence

Flanagan Lawrence


The artists brief for 12 Hammersmith Grove was to introduce a warm colour plate to the reception area of the new office building. Maestri responded by creating transcendent fields of vibrant coloured glass. The signature piece is an abstract wash of fiery reds and yellows. Through close collaboration with architects Flanagan Lawrence, this refrain is repeated in the rest of the interior glass throughout the reception, providing continuity and identity for the building.


Journalist and Design critic Corinne Julius said: "standing in front of one of Maestri's pieces is a powerful and intense experience; she has the ability shared with Anish Kapoor of making thin air in to a physical entity". This powerful use of colour is expertly demonstrated in this proposal. However the design will provide more than just a spectacle for those viewing from a distance. Delicate mirror lines pick up and reflect back movement; bringing depth and life at even the closest proximity. These sparkling ribbons of mirrored light also echo the pinstriped exterior of the building. The walls of intense colour work in harmony with the buildings interior finishes to signify confidence and energy in this contemporary setting.


The glass artwork, covering a total of 100 square metres, was fabricated in the UK. The glass was printed by hand using ceramic enamels, to achieve a depth and intensity of colour that would otherwise not be possible.