Groundswell - CODAworx


Submitted by Christopher Puzio

Client: Intercontinental Hotel

Location: SAN DIEGO, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $440,000

Project Team


Alex Guyott

Hensel Phelps

Public Art Agent

Yvonne Wise

Port Of San Diego


Christopher Puzio


Groundswell consists of three large-scale metal sculptures situated in a prominent public hotel plaza in downtown San Diego, CA adjacent to the harbor promenade.


This commission was organized by the client Intercontinental Hotel in fulfillment of the Port Of San Diego Public Art program. The goals for the client required the screening of several large mechanical vents for an underground parking facility. The creative intent was to provide for required client needs while bringing sculptural forms to the plaza that are inspired by San Diego's surrounding landscape and waterfront. The individual titles for the sculptures are Reef, Tide and Wave.