Greenwich Manor - CODAworx

Greenwich Manor

Submitted by Siol

Client: Private Residence

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Kevin Hackett


Interior Designer

Jessica Weigley



A residential remodel in San Francisco for a successful young game developer. The client wanted an urban retreat as well as a space for entertaining and working. This 4,000 square foot home has most of its space dedicated to shared environments; creating a variety of indoor/outdoor experiences became the primary focus of the designers.
This 24 hour home boasts a wrap around penthouse with views of the city. The garage level features a dance floor, bar, pool table, and gaming zone while the second floor has an extensive office space for meetings and late night programming sessions.


This four story home required a unified language connecting all spaces and the two extensive murals became the over arching gestures towards the themes of the home: entertaining, gaming, urban life, social networking, diversity, and fun.
A secondary goal was to create means of way-finding throughout. A space for entertaining, the home is easily navigated using the commissioned art. The murals traverse floors and levels, changing color and composition depending upon location. Brian also created custom numbering on the interior of the elevator doors which is used frequently by party goers.
The client wanted something that was dynamic enough to be reinterpreted over time and to evolve meanings of place, a quality typical of Brian's work.


Several artists were suggested and interviewed to identify the correct collaborator for this venture. Because of Brian's understanding of San Francisco and his extensive street art background he was the obvious choice. A joint meeting between artist, client and design team discussed concepts of literal vs. abstract, types of forms, overall themes, density, location and palette.
Following this the artist developed several computer generated mock-ups for the client's review; these were very helpful in demonstrating to the client the potential of the work and gained his approval to move ahead. Work was completed over the course of a month with ever increasing detail and much to the client's delight. The pieces now stand as iconic focal points for the home.

Additional Information

Art and architecture should be bound at the conception of a project, not as an accessory to the decor. We call this Integral Design at Siol.