Great Grey Owl - CODAworx

Great Grey Owl

Submitted by Paula Jensen

Client: Private Client

Location: Turtle River, MN, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team


Private Homeowner


Larry Jensen, Installation


Paula Jensen

Earth Eagle Forge LLC


Bronze great grey owl with stainless steel branch and copper frog for lunch. Non-cast, created from sheet metal, piece by piece, welded and carved. Frog created from copper sheet metal repousse and chased. More detail in the finished piece with this method.


This was a private commission. It was important to my clients to be as realistic as possible. They had an experience with a great grey owl in the place where this was installed. Needed to look natural in its environment.


collaboration was with my clients. They had something specific in mind. We discussed the pose, material needed and lead time.

Additional Information

I've been creating in metal for over 15 years. Most of which are from private commissions. I always consider the safety of viewers with every piece I create, regardless of placement public or private. I listen carefully about the projects as to what is needed as well as what is desired.