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Grateful Labors

Submitted by Wayne Amedee

Client: Trust for Public Land

Location: New Orleans, LA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $125,000

Project Team


Wayne Amedee


Christian van Campen


David Borgerding

Industry Resource

Barriere Construction Company


Enhancement of an existing public space near the New Orleans Museum of Art on a lake. Trust for Public Lands was gifting the renovation of a public space as a post Katrina gift to New Orleans.


The goals were to donate this sculpture to New Orleans as a tribute to all those who helped with the ongoing recovery of New Orleans post Katrina. This tribute is enhancing the park setting which The Trust for Public Lands renovated for our City.


The artist collaborated with the Executive Director in New Orleans of the Trust for Public Lands, R. Larry Schmidt, on placement of the piece in the setting. The actual fabrication of the artwork, the colors, the painting, the welding of the aluminum and the substructure were all a collaborative effort. Those involved were Christian van Campen, David Borgerding, and Barriere Construction Co.

Additional Information

As a tribute to those who helped with the recovery of New Orleans post Katrina, I titled the piece with reconstructed wording from the Book of Psalms, that is how I named it "Grateful Labors". The two colors, red and green, describes abstractly, the sometimes halting recovery efforts, the "stop and go" effect.