Grateful Hearts - CODAworx

Grateful Hearts

Submitted by Fairfield Enterprises, LLC dba The New Media Public Art Collective

Client: City of Avondale, Arizona

Location: Avondale, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team

lead artist

Stephen Fairfield

Fairfield Enterprises, LLC

Computer renderings, fabrication drawings and machine files

David Olsen

David Olsen Computer Services

Electronics design

Kempton Hall

ToxicClay, Inc


Interlocked monumental stainless steel new media hearts 10’HX18’LX2’D for newly constructed fire station #175, Avondale, Arizona. Grateful Hearts was created as a tribute to all those who serve the public in the City of Avondale, whose commitment to their professions provides outstanding services to the residents of the City of Avondale and surrounding communities. The hearts are constructed of spiral box tubing in a helical form that references DNA’s helical form, the molecule we all have that determines our very existence, our interconnectedness as human beings, and which carries the information that enables us to help and care for one another – to love our neighbors!

The inside of the box tubing contains LED strips of lights (with approximately 3600 LED lights} plus there are 4- 50 watt LED spotlights all of which are programmed to emit light and glow in different colors and patterns, enabling the hearts to change color and emit different patterns at night. This inner light comes pouring out through the cut out letters in both English and Spanish of a Cesar Chavez quote: “grant us courage to serve others – for in service is true life” to pay tribute to those who serve their fellow citizens.


Goals: To honor and pay tribute to all those professionals and volunteers who provide services to others in the City of Avondale; To use heart symbology to reinforce Avondale’s branding campaign of the heart as a visual indication that the City cares for all its employees, volunteers, residents and visitors; To have an iconic visual monumental public art sculpture to draw attention to the newly constructed Fire House #175 in Avondale; to build a permanent public art sculpture collection within the city.