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Grandscape – Stylon Reflecting Pool

Submitted by Barnycz Group

Client: Developed by Nebraska Furniture Mart Inc. A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Location: The Colony, TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Daniel Barnycz

Barycz Group

Stylon Fabrication

Tom Saylor


Systems Integration

Kirk Pierron


Custom LED's

Brian Williams

SNA Displays

Lighting Design

Jay Winters

JK Design Group

Lighting Programming

Manuel Ramirez



Daniel Barnycz

Barnycz Group


The Barnycz Group was engaged as the projects Experiential Design firm, they designed, developed, deployed and programmed all of Grandscape ‘s Electronic Amenities.
Sprinkled throughout the development, Grandscape features many different electronic amenity elements designed specifically to the address the goal of enhancing the guest experience and to provide them with something exciting that they haven’t seen before.
One of the Barnycz Group’s electronic amenity elements at Grandscape is The Stylon Reflecting Pool. The Stylon Reflecting Pool acts as the main entrance to the shopping center. Standing at an imposing 43ft. tall with large channel letters reading “GRANDSCAPE,” The Stylon Reflecting Pool welcomes guests upon their arrival to Grandscape.
Designed in a unique petal shape to subtly match the Grandscape logo iconography and made up of 3,850 individual 6.67mm pitch LED video tiles to display content at an exceptionally high-resolution along with 13ft. internally illuminated REGW LED channel letters all sitting within a reflecting pool fountain feature, The Stylon Reflecting Pool was truly created to be a placemaking and brand identity experience.


The vision of Grandscape has always been to create a world-class shopping center that is second to none. Along with other key points of differentiation including a unique and diversified tenant mix and the development of the physical environment, the guest experience was identified as a key brand identity pillar of the project. With the guest in-mind, Grandscape sought to create an experience truly unique in the mixed-use retail space.


To bring this placemaking and brand identity element to life, a world-class roster of design and integration partners were engaged. Working in close coordination with a large team of designers, engineers and numerous construction trades, The Stylon Reflecting Pool became a challenging lesson in the sequencing of work. In the end, The Stylon Reflecting Pool morphed from an idea and conceptual rendering to a reality.

Additional Information

The Stylon Reflecting Pool has been greeting guests as they arrive on a visit to Grandscape. It is the front door to the shopping center and has grown to become synonymous with the Grandscape Brand Experience. To go along with the physical structure of The Stylon Reflecting Pool, The Barnycz Group developed content programming displaying everything from Grandscape branding to promotional and event information to experiential show content and art running on the large format LED sign to keep guests both informed and entertained. Also, working in coordination with the digital content, The Barnycz Group created lighting themes developed for the internally illuminated channel letters. Whether it is cheering on a local sports team, celebrating a holiday or rallying around a cause, Grandscape has the ability to light The Stylon Reflecting Pool up to fit the occasion.