Google AIR Murals, Tasman North Campus, 2022 - CODAworx

Google AIR Murals, Tasman North Campus, 2022

Submitted by Anjelica Colliard

Client: Google

Location: San Jose, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Mural Assistant

Lena Gustafson

Mural Assistant

Sanaa Khan


I created three murals over a span of one week while in residence at Google’s Tasman campus in San Jose, CA, in August, 2022. The three walls were each 14’x20′ in size and were created for the new campus’ library room. Very colorful and dynamic, each wall is in conversation with one another. The work is meant to be energizing and playful while providing respite for team members to relax and take space in.


Google wanted works that spoke to the San Jose arts district and matched their intended modern and bohemian design style of the building. They also wanted an artist who would take all three walls into consideration in the design. They were interested in my abstracted botanical works and asked me to submit a design.


Once the Google design team provided the specs of what they needed for the murals, they left me almost complete control of the design. Once selected, we moved forward with establishing what materials and equipment would be needed to complete the job so we could make the deadline. They provided me with scaffolding equipment and ladders.

Additional Information

I learned so much regarding scale, use of color, and working quickly and efficiently with a team when creating these works! I love how they turned out and hope to create more dynamic murals that build off of this design style.