Golden Possibilities horse sculpture - CODAworx

Golden Possibilities horse sculpture

Submitted by Pierre Riche Art

Client: Available

Location: Freedom, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Pierre Riche


Russ Jones

Santa Cruz Gates


A grant funded this rearing horse sculpture for a wild horse awareness cause that exhibited it with 12 other horse sculptures at Burning Man 2022. This project was originally designed to be 20 ft tall backed by A blockchain company in NV. They had inquired about having it built and be placed outside the Tesla plant in NV. Then Covid hit and the project lost it’s steam. The Burning Man Honorarium grant funded the building of it and it was well received there. It then was exhibited at the Reno Tahoe International art fair. It is now scheduled to be shown at Mare Island naval base in California until Nov. 2023 It is 10 Ft. Tall, 8 Ft. deep and 3 ft. wide. not including the base that it is bolted to. It weighs approximately 1200 lbs with it’s base.


This artwork was a funded by a grant. It is a prototype for a series commissioned sculptures. A half scale rearing horse of this style and pose is being commissioned now and other sculpture of this style is available for commission as well.

Additional Information

This style of sculpture is somewhat of a prototype for future sculptures made by Pierre Riche Art. A smaller series has already been started and a commissioned one is in the works.