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Gnome Grown

Submitted by The High Road Design Studio, LLC

Client: Gnome Grown

Location: Oregon City, OR, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Interior Designer

Megan Stone

The High Road Design Studio


Dan McAllister

Gnome Grown


Max McDonald

Max Wood Co.


Gnome Grown is the embodiment of a brand dedicated to legendary organic cannabis cultivation practices, stewardship to nature, and a passion for quality. The goal was to create a branded retail space that provides an elevated experience for customers seeking high quality products offered in a comfortable, inviting environment. This was achieved by delicately balancing the owner's vision of a high-end boutique atmosphere with an approachable retail experience that suits the local community. Feature walls incorporating reclaimed Douglas fir and hickory veneer were inspired by the founder's life story and carefully crafted to connect subtly and authentically with customers.


The lobby feature wall establishes a sense of arrival, a warm welcoming to this retail experience. It is a brick wall concept constructed with end grain blocks of old growth Douglas fir, a rich textural backdrop for the laser cut steel and copper brand sign. While a distinct architectural element that creates an immediate first impression with its depth and beauty, it is packed with meaning that forms a connection with Gnome Grown's founder while communicating the essence of the brand. The intricate wood puzzle is a reference to the founder's experience as a master woodworker with the use of Douglas fir having significance as his favorite wood. The texture, depth and rich color speak to the brand itself.

The POS feature wall continues to share the brand story and maintain a connection to the founder. The wall is constructed of a hickory veneer and then accented with Douglas fir shelves. While the shelving highlights merchandise, the focal point is a laser cut topographic map sharing the founder's history of organic farming in the area. The brand signage floats atop the map creating an intriguing and whimsical illustration, sharing the gnome's journey.


With the client located in Oregon, the designer in Phoenix and the custom millworker in San Diego, this process required considerable coordination.

The Douglas fir block wall was a concept that was inspired by the client's interest in a detail from the designer's portfolio. From there, they explored achieving the local feel of weathered, moss covered wood but continued to simplify the aesthetic, installation and long-term maintenance. They focused on achieving a rich textural effect. The millwork company then fabricated the wall in a panel system to support shipping and installation.

The map on the POS feature wall started with an image of an actual state park map. Together the client and design team integrated the story of his guerilla cannabis growing days and animated the image as more of a treasure map. The team's graphic designer provided layered imagery that was then brought to life by the millwork company. One-inch thick pieces of hickory were layered and fit within the allotted wall space.