Glowing - CODAworx


Submitted by Nils-R. Schultze

Client: BTB-Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Nils-R. Schultze


Martin Mahlberg



Ferdinand Streicher



A ecologic part of new power plant are water tanks, which store heat in water. This installation shows, how many energy is actualy in the tanks. The 5 Tanks, each 25m high, are a landmark which shows the begin of the science park Berlin-Adlershof. Around each tank are 13 rings of light, the rings are changing the color between dark and light blue, when the water get hot and store energy. In a second mode special animation are shown on the tanks. This mode is used to celebrate special events, like anniversaries, sport events and other. dimension 25 x 50m


One main point was to show the new ecological way modern power plants can work. The installation on the water tanks giving a face to the efficient and ecologic dimension of modern power plant and the green revolution. The visitor get an picturesque impression oft he abstract technical process in a poetic way. Every time the people passing the installation they see a different picture and can follow the work oft he tanks. The use of led in a way that it looks like the old neon is very important for the design. Every ring can show all colors by RGB-LEDs, the control oft he rings is connected with the control oft he power plant.
The 5 tanks are a big landmark, a second big focus for the project was to be a symbol fort he science park Berlin-Adlershof.
The third point was to show special illuminations for special events. Everybody passing the installation on the autobahn can see it. For this use special art videos and a video game are programmed.


In the begin of the work the company installed the tanks. When the tanks start to work, I was impressed by the size oft he tanks. I developted the idea of a light-installation. When I understand the use of the tank, the general idea, how the installtion can interact, was born. Together with the programmers we were thinking how to realized the technical aspect. In this time the other possible uses of the light installation grow up.
Since the installation start to work the company using the installation to give the people an idea, how the power plant and the energy saving concept is working.

Additional Information

With the size of 25 x 50m the installation can be seen up to the center of Berlin. The science park is with this installation marked in the skyline of Berlin. The landmark is working very well, everybody find the way tot he science park.