Glacial Convergence - CODAworx

Glacial Convergence


Client: State of Alaska

Location: Juneau, AK, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $400,000

Project Team

Landscape Architect

peter corvus

Corvus Design Landscape Architects


Walter Gordinier


This is one of four art/sculpture projects I executed for the new state library archives museum located in Juneau Alaska, over a four year period.


The client decided early on that glass is what they were looking for. What I brought to the project is monolithic cast glass. We identified the three most important sites and began our collaborative dialogue. Realizing where we were going with my castings, we decided to bring the project glacier into what we were doing, they loved the idea.
Integrated work was paramount, no freestanding sculpture, so for this project clear glass became the best vehicle to build my work to go into.


This first project involved three separate sites. #1. A glass disc.w/ steel wall. I removed the existing birch paneling and replaced with a giant slab of black steel and hand rubbed finished the piece. #2. The glass railing system. #3. The project curtain glass wall, the glass is all monolithic cast glass.

Additional Information

The lobby is 150ft./ lg. 35ft./w. 20ft./h. Cast Glass Features: 24: Story Bars; 42in./t. 3in./square. Trilogy Towers; 12ft.t. 20in. w. #3. Glacial Pond; 16ft./diameter.