Gateway Mural - CODAworx

Gateway Mural

Submitted by Councill Fine Art Studio, LLC.

Client: City of Roanoke- Percent for Art Program

Location: Roanoke, VA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Brenda M. Councill

Councill Fine Art Studio,LLC

Public Art Agent

Percent for Art Program

City of Roanoke


The largest Mural in the City of Roanoke- 2500 square feet on 18 pier columns on Tazewell Ave. Bridge at Interstate 581. Percent for Art Program . Painted on non-woven polyester and adhered to each column. Column Height 12′ and circumference of 9′.


My intent was to create a gateway mural that represents the natural beauty, history and cultural assets of this region of Virginia. My initial sketches were welcomed by the selection committee and my ideas expanded to become the largest mural in the city.


I worked with neighborhood groups to gain a broad understanding of the area. I interacted with volunteers and participates that helped complete some select areas of the mural. News coverage was extensive. It remains the largest mural in the City - 2,500 square feet of surface space.

Additional Information

The budget does not reflect the true cost and appraisal of this work valued at $ 55,000.00.